Class Description

Hot Yoga Classes




The original Hot Yoga series; a 90 min class following a specific sequence. The heat is approx. 40ºC and the humidity +40%. 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises to cultivate power, balance, flexibility and presence. Each posture is performed twice. It is one of the most complete mind and body “workouts”, physically working on every level. A very tough and intense class, you may even hate it at first, but most people get used to the heat after a couple of sessions and start to love it; it is extremely addictive! This amazing class is considered "healing" to a lot of people, and is what has made Hot Yoga such a popular concept.



Bikram Express 


A 60 min shorter version of Bikram, the main difference is that the poses are done once instead of twice; perfect for busy people and those who would like a lighter start/lighter session. The heat is approx. 40ºC and the humidity +40%. 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises to cultivate power, balance, flexibility and presence. You can still expect a great workout, just a bit less intense than the full 90-minute class.



Bikram Yin Fusion 


60 minutes Bikram Express followed by 30 minutes Yin. A perfect mix of a great workout then a beautiful treat for your body and soul at the end. People who have trouble slowing down and love hard workouts tends to love this class as it gives them a little taster of the Yin part; they instantly feel the benefits of the Yin, but are still not ready to slow down for more than 30 minutes. This is definitely one of our most popular classes on the schedule. All our classes are great for beginners too.



Hot Yin


A very relaxing class with deep light stretches and focus inwards. Expect to spend the class laying or sitting on the mat. This class is great for everyone. We use yoga poses that that help to "open" the body, working into our connective tissue and creating longevity and a healthy body/mind. Releasing tension and slowing down while working on the "feminine" (Yin) aspect of our bodies and behaviour. Surrendering, non-reactive, accepting. Very necessary nowadays in our stressful and super-reactive society, we are constantly behaving in a yang manner and yang attributes are often rewarded. We need Yang, but we also need Yin; a symmetry between the two is ideal. This can be a great class for your very first HOT class to get used to the heat in a gentle way, the heat is around 37-38ºC.



Hot Vinyasa Flow


A more classic type of yoga that many people have had experience with if trying yoga at any studio or gym. It can be quite a fun challenge to try in the heat, you will definitely work up a sweat. Using the breath with the flow is an important aspect making it a very powerful and engaging class. Try Hot Vinyasa Flow and feel the "before/after" differences in your body and mind. The heat is around 37-38ºC degrees in the flow classes.

Hot Yin & Yang


The best of both worlds; Half of the class is Yin and half of the class is Yang, sometimes starting with Yin other times starting with Yang. At our studio we tend to start with Yin first then Yang in the morning or daytime, whilst evening classes mostly we tend to start with Yang and then calm down with Yin. This is at the discretion of the teacher. The Yang part is normally a vigorous Vinyasa flow.

Warm Yin & Slow Flow

A bit less intense an less hot than Hot Yin & Yang, maximum 35 degrees. A mix of Yin and some movement and strengt that works for everyone. It is a great class for beginners or anyone who has any physical challenges, but it is also a favourite amongst our regular students.

Warm Gentle Flow

All the warm classes have less heat than the hot classes, but still you get the great benefits of the infrared heat. This class is a gentle flow that suits everyone with a long yummy relaxation at the end. 



Warm Restorative Bliss

A relaxing class suitable for absolutely everyone. Be in a warm room and relax your muscles and your mind. This class is around 30-33 degrees so you will be comfortable warm yet still enjoy all the benefits of the infrared heat. People with injuries also are encouraged to come and join this soothing extremely-safe class. It is fantastic during pregnancy too, but make sure to always tell the teacher that you are pregnant if you attend any of our classes. After this class you will be floating on clouds.  Feel free to bring extra props such as a blanket and/or pillow. We will provide you with bolsters and blocks, but you can really never have too many props to help prop you into weightless poses where you can experience complete bliss and surrender.

Warm Rest & Restore 

The same as the Warm Restorative Bliss but combined with a long Yoga Nidra. First part of the class is Restorative Yoga and the second part of the class is Yoga Nidra. It is nice to get a bit of movement into the body first to really go deep in the Yoga Nidra. This class is for absolutely everyone, Yoga Nidra is a game changer. 

Inferno Hot Pilates 

Inferno Hot Pilates is a mix of low impact HIIT training and pilates in the HEAT! A fun workout with music and encouragement making you sweat, burn and get your heart rate going while building muscle, stamina and balance. The ultimate workout, and perfect on its own or with regular yoga classes in the heat. Approximately 36 degrees and 40+ percent humidity. Why not have fun while getting super fit! 


*Bring your own mat to all classes; we also sell/rent mats. Make sure you come well hydrated and minimum 15 minutes before the class. We encourage taking some time in Savasana before the class to get used to the heat and prepare your mind and body for the class.

NB! Due to Covid measures we no longer provide props, please bring your own. We also sell props at the studio. 


Enjoy your yoga. Namaste