Pre-Class Info


• Please add yourself to Hot Yoga Sola Membership group on Facebook to stay updated:

• Arrive minimum 15 minutes before the class, if it is your first time 20-30 minutes. Enter from the back of the SR-Bank building, where you will find free parking. You may arrive 15-30 minutes before class to spend time in the heat provided there is not a class before. Please do not arrive last minute. We lock the door before the class starts.

• Drink at least 2 liter of water the 24 hours before your class, and plenty of water after. It is advisable to drink as little water as possible during the class, only little sips. We highly recommend daily coconut water to replenish and balance your electrolytes, especially right after a sweaty class. Do not eat 2-3 hours before the practice, and do not drink a lot of water right before practice. Many practice every day and that is great, but do not forget to replenish your minerals as you sweat out minerals too. Ask Lise if you have questions about this, she has plenty of experience in the heat. Add some extra sea salt on your food and take magnesium if you are sweating a lot.

• It is advisable to wear something that is easy to move in and not too much clothing. It is best for yourself and others not to wear lotions, perfume or make-up.

• For Bikram and Bikram Express classes bring a yoga mat, a big towel and water -these are the only things you should bring into this class. Bikram is a no-prop class where we use only our body. We focus on stillness throughout the class; avoid drying off sweat and unnecessary movement. In Bikram classes we remain still between postures with the exception of drinking water if necessary. Pay attention to the instructor, everyone should move simultaneously –do not rush! If you need a break stand still, sit Japanese style or lay down in Savasana head up towards the front of the room. Breathing is key; apart from the breathing exercises breathe through the nose. Bikram is quite a strict class, if you prefer a more relaxed class chose another class on the schedule. Be prepared for a different (and awesome!) experience.

• For all other classes including Bikram Yin Fusion please bring any props you like. We recommend a pair of blocks minimum. We sell Hot Yogini yoga mats, yoga mat towels, yoga equipment and hot yoga clothes at the studio, as well as various refreshments, healthy snacks and coconut water. Hot Yogini is Lise´s own brand with the best quality. Please leave any personal belongings outside the studio for a clutter free environment. We lock the doors to the reception and your belongings are safe there.

• Make sure you stay in the room for the full class. The first few classes may be demanding -however it gets better. Take as many breaks as you need and focus on your breath. You may lay down in Savasana if you need a break. It is important to do the positions correctly and mindfully rather than pushing yourself. Please respect your body and never do anything that hurts or doesn’t feel right. Please tell your instructor if you have any concerns, injuries, pregnancy or anything else that may be relevant.

• Please do not speak during the class, from the moment we step into the room we practice silence. You may meditate before and after class.

• Everyone has to book and pay for classes in MindBody, and be properly registered for every class. We recommend using the app, it is simple and convenient. The trial offer of 15 days for 500 kroner is only available once. First time you use this you have to register and set it up, we will help you if it is needed. Our studio is registered as Hot Yoga AS in MindBody, make sure you spell it correctly, and that you are in the right area. While you are on the trial offer we will have an offer for you if you want to get a session card or membership. Make sure you ask us about this while you are still on the trial. The offer will expire when the trial expires.

• If you cannot make it to class please cancel in MindBody minimum 24 hours before the class. If you cancel 2 hours or less before the class, you will be charged 100 kroner “late cancel”. If you do not cancel and do not show up, you will be charged 150 kroner “no show”. There are no exceptions to this rule. Please be mindful and considerate of your fellow yogis. If the class is full you may add yourself to the waitlist, but it is your responsibility to pay attention if you get a spot. You may check this any time in the app and you can remove yourself any time from the waitlist if you can no longer make it to class. Up until two hours before the class you will be added automatically from the waitlist if there is a free spot. An email is sent out from MindBody, but emails may be delayed or go to spam, make sure you check the app to see if you got a spot. If you are moved from the waitlist and do not show up, you will get a “no show” fee. We lock the door before the class starts, and if you are late you will not be able to attend and will be deducted for “no show”. Thank you for your understanding.

• Most importantly -smile and enjoy your practice! Yoga is beautiful, fun and fantastic. Our studio is an inclusive environment for everyone where we socialize and have fun. This is YOUR studio!